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The baby’s halfway out guys
  • normal people: i can't decide if i want the black iphone or the white iphone
  • justin: *buys both of them*

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@justinbieber: With the homies

Things to do when you meet Justin Bieber

  • 1) Tell him: You taught me to follow my dreams, so where are you going today?"
  • 2) Walk in and say "Hi." to Justin and then go over to Kenny and say "OMK KENNY I LOVE YOU! Justin take a photo of us!"
  • 3) Wear your purple 3D glasses and grab his face "it's like your really here!"
  • 4) Demand an explanation on how you sprayed "Someday" on your neck and he didn't fly in like Peter Pan and rape your neck.
  • 5) Jump in with tons of makeup on, uggs, huge sunglasses and be like "WAZZZUP!" Justin will be mentally scarred, BUT he'll remember you.
  • 6) Slowly bring forward a pot noodle. Then whisper "Show me how to stir it well baby."
  • 7) Jerk into the meet'n'greet place, saying "swag swag swag swag."
  • 8) Ask him what a biebergasm is.
  • 9) Act like you just know the word swag. Like: Justin: Hi You: Swag. Justin: How are you? You: Swag. Justin: Is something wrong? You: Swag.
  • 10) Enter with purple glasses and act like everything's magical.
  • 11) Say: "So, I heard you wanna fuck me?" and when he says: "I never said that." Shout: "NEVER SAY NEVER, BRO."
  • 12) When Justin says "what's up?" be like "the sky, bro.
  • 13) Buy a Bieber wig, Wear your pants as low as he, dress like him. Come in and say "Hi, I'm Derek. You're Justin?"
  • 14) Start talking to the Bieberconda.
  • 15) Ask him if he can give you a lapdance like Chris Brown does to girls and if he says no be all, "OMG, its all Nolan's fault"
  • 16) Ask him, if he likes Water and when he says "Yes". say "Booyeah, Justin Bieber already likes 70% of me."
  • 17) Don't do a normal "side by side" photo. EXPERIMENT. Go in front, or crouch. or maybe even the jelena beach pose. ;)
  • 18) Just before entering, write: "I ♥ [your Name]" on your hand. When greeting Justin pat him on the back. *BAM* it prints on his back.
  • 19) Run up to him, shout "NEVER" in his face and then run away screaming " i'm such a badass!"
  • 20) Accidentally" forget your camera and say "oops we don't have a camera" and then he'll have to take it & post it on his twitter.
  • 21) When he wraps his arm around you for a picture, dramatically faint in his arms and yell "BIEBER I NEED MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSITATION."

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don’t say “fanboy”

i dont care if you are male

you are a fangirl

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